Fresh install of windows on new computer??


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I'm building a new computer, ill make this question quick.

Should I install a fresh copy of windows on my SSD that I'm reusing from my old computer, or just let it be? Should I wipe the drive completely and redownload everything? I know it doesn't really make a difference, but since I'm using the same SSD I'm guessing I shouldn't worry about it?
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You can use the Windows installed on the SSD the way it is.
No need to do a fresh install of Windows on an old Windows SSD.
If required just update the Windows build and that would be it.
Windows is updated automatically anyway.


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If you want to transfer your windows 10 to your new pc, you could also use a bootable drive like a usb flash driver, a disk or a portable hard drive.You could use this bootable Windows 10 whenever you face any issues, which you are likely to face since you are building your own pc. If you do not know how to create a bootable link, you could follow the methods on [LINK REMOVED, POSSIBLE TROJAN AT THAT SITE]
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