Windows 7 fried hard drive key recovery


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Hi all, i need some advice on ecovering a windows 7 key on a fried HD, the back up that was made to a disc hasn`t worked properly and basically does jack. i`ve connected the fried HD from the laptop to my pc using the reqiuired sata and power cable but my pc isn`t picking it up. is there a tutorial or does anyone here in the community know how i can get my pc to pick up the fried hard drive so i can use a programme i have to try and recover the windows 7 key.
any help will br great guys


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A fried drive, dependng on the exact nature of the damage may or (more likely) may not be easily recovered. However, the backup you made doesn't have to "work properly". Depending on the backup type you should be able to mount it as a virtual drive and extract the key from the contents using something like produkey from here: