From XP Pro 32 to 7 Pro 64

What I currently have is:
C: Win7RC x86
D: XP-Pro x86

What I'd like to get to is:
C: Win7 x64
D: XP-Pro x86

But I can't seem to get that damn Windows 7 to install.

My boot screen comes up :
Windows 7
Previous version of Windows

Well, as you can see from the screen shot, and Im not sure how this worked out, the C: is my system drive.
I can't just format it from XP (D:)


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It's difficult going back and forth between the screens because it just kivks me back where have to type in all the information again.

Take a look at my screen shots and compare to your

My Windows 7 is installed on the first partition on Disk 0.

My Vista is installed on the first partition of Disk1

Ok, your C: is your System and Boot drive...I'm not sure how this happened, but my System volume is my Win 7 drive (C: ) and my boot drive is my XP Pro drive (D: ). So I can't just move my "System" volume to D: to reformat C: lol

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No, you can't move a System Volume

Are these Sata drives?

Drive D: is a partition of a SATA, C: is an ATA


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What I had planned was for you to open the case and change the cables, usually red and blue for SATA drives.

Since one disk is an ATA, this is not an option.

I was wanting to buy a new SATA drive to replace that ATA, but I'm half afraid to now that I see it's the system volume.

Here's the thing I don't get...
Both drives are showing up with MBR's. If I simply remove the drive with D, wouldn't that force c: to become the boot volume as well as the system volume?
So that I can then reinstall my OS?

Drew I thought about that, but was afraid to try it with out being sure.
In looking at it, I don't see an option to move to the OS on C:.

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Use both SATA drives.

I always have 2 hard drives in my computers.

Ok, I changed that in msconfig, and now my boot and system volume is reading as being on the C drive.
Now I just need to see if 7 will install on it.

I'm hoping that booting to the DVD to do a clean install will work.

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Ah ok...
Changing that in MSconfig puts both system and boot to C
But when I boot to D, obviously, the system stays on C, but boot volume is D.
This sucks.
I need to reformat C.

Ive been trying to think of a way to move the System files to D.
Still no boot to CD.

Anyone know of a way to reformat a system volume?

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