Frustrated by Shutdown & Restart Hangs

Solution to shutdown problem

I have found the answer to the problem. My default install of Windows 7 (Professional) has the Firewire control set so that the computer cannot turn the device off to save power. When Windows shuts down, it cannot turn off the firewire (IEEE 1394) controller and hence hangs.

Simply solution for me anyway ---

Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Select IEEE 1394 Host Bus Controllers and select 1394 Device.

Right Click device -> Select properties -> Power Management Tab

Check the box -> Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ( Mine was not checked by default)

Windows 7 now powers down fine.

unfortunetly your 18hours to late. an the motherboard is compeltly dead. but thanks anyway

Can't shut down

this totally sucks! I have a dell inspiron 1721, just installed windows 7 and now it won't shut down..... has anyone found the fix?

You don't say whether you have tried my solution two posts back from yours. This seems to be the cause of most Windows7 Shutdown issues.

I disagree with you when you say Windows7 Sucks. It the best Windows OS by miles for a long time..

Please forgive me in a time of extreme frustration; I too believe this OS is great. I have tried your IEEE 1394 solution, but to no avail. Any advice you have will be well appreciated.

Please forgive me in a time of extreme frustration; I too believe this OS is great. I have tried your IEEE 1394 solution, but to no avail. Any advice you have will be well appreciated.

It worked for me. I just ripped out the firewire card and the problem was gone.

Try to disable the firewire in the bios. :p:p:p

Continued help

If it's not too much trouble, could you guide me through the process.

Continuing ...

I have managed to turn off the firewall and IT WORKED! Isn't it fairly dangerous to keep it off?


I have managed to turn off the firewall and IT WORKED! Isn't it fairly dangerous to keep it off?


Did you turn off the firewire (1394 adapter) or the firewall???

If you did turn of the firewire (1394)adapter you just cannot stream digital video from you digital video camera to your harddisk. So it is not dangerous.

It is hardware you turned off.

You firewall should be up and running to protect you from attacks from the internet. Mostly you will have a firewall also running in your router.

So don't be afraid.

I had nearly the same problem with Windows 7. It would shut down but it wouldn't restart. The restart would hang almost every time no matter how long I waited. I found out the problem was caused by the driver for the APC UPS. I have an older battery backup with a driver from 2006. Once I disabled the driver, Windows would reboot every time.

The way I solved the problem was to disable as many drivers as possible. Then I enabled them one at a time until the restart would hang again. That way, I was able to identify the driver that was causing the problem.


I've looked on some other posts and websites, and it appears that the problem I am experiencing with shut down is caused by my ASUS P5B motherboard. Apparently it affects all variants. Anyone with one of these motherboards seems to have the same problem: the computer shuts down process goes on, the screen blanks, but the lights and fans stay on. Several people have confirmed that this happens on their motherboard.

If anyone has an ASUS P5B variant that does shut down correctly please post here and let me know - I'd love to have a look at your BIOS settings!


I have ASUS P5B... This shit is killing me... I have restarted my PC over 20 times because it always goes to "windows did not start properly" and starts to find and repair problems... which i doesnt make any difference, it doesn't repair it doesn't start the PC...

I am having similar problem as the others, it does not shut down properly, when i press sleep it doesn't lights are on and funs. the device manager does not show any errors when i shut down, it seems as everything is working fine. until u shut down then sometimes some services are damaged or corrupted. sometimes i loose internet connection "home group" thingy can't even access the router

I was thinking to buy a new mother board but i don't know if they will support my other devices that are already on the computer.

can someone please tell me which motherboard can be used as a substitute before i break this computer lol.

Here's the 12th theory. This stuff's been happening to me too, even after I reinstalled Win7 for the 2nd time (as if reinstalling all my programs wasn't painful enough). Ok so I was checking the processor compatibility for my motherboard on the intel website (i just recently built my new pc) and it turns out that the intel processor i got running ain't on the list of compatible processors for my particular motherboard. Maybe that's got something to do with this whole dealio with everyone's PCs?
On the brighter side, I'm glad to see I ain't the only one suffering. I DO like my restarts so this DOES s*** me a little


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Are you guys running with the latest bios update?

Oh and if can get it to run try this upgrade advisor:

I also ran your motherboard through the compatibility centre and see the screenshot for the results.. The compatibility centre can be found here:

View attachment 5143

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I've got no idea what I played with, but it seems to restart as it should now...temperamental or what! I checked my mobo compatibility with Win7 64-bit as well as with my processor, and they're BOTH in the green now! I knew I wasn't stupid enough to put together parts that I haven't checked for compatibility!
I've downloaded the BIOS update, so if the restart problem restarts then I'll update my BIOS and see how I go.
Cheers for that kemical

windows 7 wont shut down properly

I'm having the same problem. it just started to happen. i shut down windows and it looks like its shutdown but the computers still on. lights, fan etc.
Im not very computer savvy so I have know idea where to start looking for a solution.
My mother board is an asus A8S-x.
I do have a dual boot with windows 7 and Linux kubuntu.
I'm pretty sure I have the latest bios update but I'll check that.
Any ideas on a fix would be great.


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Hi bukicc,
do you know what you were doing on the pc just before it started with the problems? Were you updating something perhaps or did you delete something?..

shut down prob

I changed the grub on linux and had also done some updates on linux.
That actually effected windows big time so I reinstalled window 7 and thats when the
shut down issue started.

Windows 7 Hangs on shutdown solved ( this time anyway )

I'm new to W7 and this forum so please be gentle ...

My windows 7 hag prob was caused by me installing a virtual CD/CVD driver which simply wasn't compatible. Because of this the uninstall didn't work and I couldn't get rid of it.

I had to do a manual uninstall with several registry and file cleaning sessions using Comodo System cleaner ( which is free and seems to work ok with W7 )

Even after that the bloody thing still showed up in device driver which wouldnt remove it or stop it either.

I'm still not 100% sure how it worked but I just kept searching for and deleting all the related files I could and eventually it showed up with an error in device manager after which I was allowed to delete it from within device manager. so far so good.

Lessons I've learned...

Be very carefull with any program which is hardware related. The compatibility thingy won't work , period.

Before installing anything set a system restore point so I can roll back when it goes pear shaped.

keep the registry in good shape, it still amazed me how much crap still accumulates in that particular circle of hell

regularly clean out temp files and such , I have no idea why but it seems to work and turned out to be essential for installing Inventor studio.

In retrospect it's my own fault and I should have known better and if that cap fits you well ; welcome to the club



I have been troubleshooting a restarts-on-shutdown prob for a week. Was originally on 7100 but since it's an old Gateway I reverted to Xp and it continued. Several posts mention audio, but I figured if it was audio failure to terminate it would show in the Performance Events Log, which it doesn't. Did yours? Also since the shutdown started straightaway and quickly moved to restart without pausing at all on the desktop, I figured it wasn't a failure to terminate a service but something deeper in hardware or the bios, esp since it persists in the XP resinstall. But it grows even more confounding when I do a HD diagnostics from bootable GWScan disk and then navigate to exit and the computer shuts down instantly using power button. WTF?
My girlfriend had this problem on her windows 7 machine. When she shutdown it would reboot.. I solved this issue by changing the settings in bios for hibernation from s3 to s1. This is what worked for me give it a shot..

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