Windows 8 FYI Weather App C/F Temp Selection


Mar 25, 2006

I have found out how to change the Weather App between Celius & Farenheit

(I had asked in here somewhere, recently)

Yes, it is good to know that the settings link from within the Charms bar is sort of app centric when you evoke it from within the app itself.
Yes, I was, of course, looking for 'Settings' (in the APP); had to be reminded that Charms Settings would, @ the top SETTINGS be for that particular APP (whatever APP @ the moment).
Well that was easy after all. Weather is one of the few Metro apps that seem to be working rather like it is supposed to be. If I could just get past that ugly Metro UI.
Be patient Ted, I'm relatively certain that we will see some customizing options coming before long, either from the app store or third party vendors. Maybe even hopefully from within the interface itself the ability to add a picture maybe or an advanced color wheel, with some other graphic options. In the mean time I've quieted mine down with a simple grey tone which I find a bit less startling and easier on the eyes than some of the other options currently available.


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Oh, yes, indeed... changed the colour immediately... grey or black or whatever I picked. the APPS will improve... still not sure how badly any of them are needed but, no matter. My understanding is a lot of the focus @ MS in the next few months before RTM is devoted to the APPs. Touch finding flaws in the OS itself, even, now... bit unexpected for a newly released (1st) beta but, APPs, still do need more work... I really think we'll see the fruits of that work, soon.
Example, previously mentioned, Maps didn't work @ 1st, then, recently, does.

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The biggest flaw I have found so far has been the Enter problem while using the full enhanced editor. I'm still having to use the Standard Editor and that's something of a bummer. Other than that no other real problem so far.
Took me a while to figure out how to put in my nearest Capital town - got it now! It doesn't give away much so I'll stick with my local weather bureau in my favorites for now.
MAPs isn't fully operational (yet) either. Doesn't go to locations entered nor prints. Glad these APPs are not really needed to get to or do things. Still puzzling why anybody thinks we need them, sometimes. Can do all this stuff, already, w/out them (other places, other ways) like we always could.
I believe they were free samples on offer to MS, just to raise our interest and curiosity in the possibilities which may be in the final OS. Pity they didn't restore that little set of time wasting games, however.
I am starting to get a sense of a light bulb slowly going off and getting brighter and brighter.
They are likely going to need the best marketing campaign they have ever mounted to get the general public to accept and actually spend their hard earned money on this disappointing (you may have another adjective) Operating System.
While I can find nothing too bad to say about it, I can likewise, find nothing too good to say about it.
While I realize, understand and know that in this industry, resting on ones laurels is tantamount to committing virtual suicide and from time to time things need changing (Millennium Edition and Vista (prior to Service Pack 1)) I'm not convinced that there is enough WOW factor present in this release to attract many early adopters.
I can only hope that when this goes RTM that their ARM based products (slates and Windows Phone 8) will be available to provide some impetus.
MS has really failed in preparing users for Metro. On top of that many of the apps are crude and may or may not work. The DP and this release should have a how to video open and run as soon Windows finished installing showing how to use Metro. People shouldn't have had to do a web search to find out how to get to the hidden login screen and shutdown. It's very stable and handles ram usage very well but there is nothing impressing me enough to run out and buy it in it's present form. I hope MS makes another public release that is closer to the finished product than this crude attempt.
I guess I kind of agree. I believe this is aimed more toward those touch screen and phone enthusiasts rather than desktop and laptop users. From my perspective a good service pack to Win 7 that would give us the speed changes and memory changes of Win 8 in Win 7 would be fine. I could even use Win 8 in desktop mode without the Start Menu. I just do not like the Metro UI or so far the Metro apps, sorry, I do not. Perhaps when they grow up, but I do not see myself using a touch screen in the near future.

I do not see the death of the desktop or laptop PC in the near future either. Yes the market share is dropping. This is what is driving this change by MS. They have to compete with Apple (IPad) and Win 8 is their answer. It may work as long as they allow those of us that still have desktop/laptop PC's to continue with the desktop, even the modified desktop of Win 8. I can live with that. I do like the quickness. My Win 8 networks with my other PC's better than my Win 7 Ultimate (I do not know why, drives me nuts sometimes)

I guess a lot would depend on the cost as well. I am a little tired of upgrading costs. Come on MS make it easier on my wallet to induce me to upgrade to this new OS.
I personally think that PC's in one form or another will not go away for many many years to come. There is something about the PC that makes it very different than many other things out there. The modularity that it allows and the ease of upgradeability is much more cost effective and also because of all the different computer parts makers it's very very easy to customize it to one's needs and budget. Besides a tablet will never work, not even close as well when it comes to productivity and power. To run a CAD program on a 22" screen beats the hell out of running it on a tablet. Sure, it's great for traveling and quick tasks, but even when it comes to entertainment, the tablet is lacking. The PC allows me to upgrade my soundcard, my graphics card, and also allows me connectivity to large 5.1 speakers. Also it's far better for gaming since it is so easily upgradeable. Perhaps consoles can fill in that spot, but i for one, maybe i am just old-school, but i prefer a self-made PC over a tablet anytime. Well, that is just my HO.

Sorry for getting a bit off-topic.

For win8, indeed, it's a great step foreward for touchscreens, but, i don't think the touchscreen market for PC is very far yet. Price is too high, and also it's not useful in many apps on a PC. You can control a media player, you can perhaps navigate web pages, but to have a 22" touchscreen, would really be a was of money and time. At least for me. Hmmm...perhaps a touchscreen instead of the keyboard. That might work:D...just foolishly dreaming...
You're right about a 22" or larger touchscreen. Who wants to sit that close and look at all of the fingerprints?
My 2 cents...

There will be a big place for desktop puters & mice for a long time to come. Personally, Touch may be nice or neat but, I'm quite w/out it; although there is a place for it in some devices but not sitting @ my desk poking @ my 24", thanks. But, in many environments, from domestic to Education, business, science, powerful, robust, capable desktops will have a major place. Yes, A goal of Win8 is that it can play on all platforms. The whole Start conversation, frankly, eludes me... discovering a few 'tricks', customizing & personalizing investigating & learning, I'm fine w/ Win8; it's, certainly, a wee bit different but, @ the end of the day just another version of a computer OS. But, I'm 'old school' & maybe that's the explanation... I live on a desktop, I travel from there, I work there, I work & move from there & back, again. I don't get APPs. Fun & cute, sure but, why? I find I keep asking myself, why? Aside from them not seeming (YET, I guess) to be finished, complete, refined, blah, blah, blah... but, why? I can't seem to get past finding nothing I could do, see or find, all along and still can. Weather, videos, photos, E-mail, games, music, ad infinitum... never needed an 'APP' for any of it and still don't. Sure had always heard & known of 'APPs' for phones & stuff, all of which, stuck me as 'novelty' items, bells-n-whistles for trendy folks, niche markets & kids. For me, on my desktop, they strike me as unnecessary, redundant, a useless distraction & leave me asking, why?


PS: Might be somewhat rhetorical...
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