Windows 8 Games that work.

WELL, once I figured out that the START button was nothing more than a way to get to someplace else, I just navigated to that place or folder and put a shortcut to that (thing) on either my Desktop or in the Task Bar (formerly called the Quick Launch toolbar).

To save a lot of time, setting up subsequent PC's with win-8, I'm copying all those shortcuts to a folder on my Utilities Flash Drive.
Using a batch file, I can put all those shortcuts on a new desktop in about two seconds.

Cheers Mates!
The Doctor :cool;
There is a start button, it is on the right hand side in the middle of the screen after pointing at the right bottom corner or of screen dragging from the right.

There are a few other things like if you right click on the start screen it will give you an option close to the all programs menu.

Lots of stuff is still there just not in the same manner of design.
That isn't the start button he is referring to. In fact, I wonder why MS wasted space putting it in that strange place. The Windows key does the same thing - Probably all related to "touch and go"
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Yea, give a few ways to do the same thing and you dont have to worry about any divice not being able to use it. So you take a tablet with out a dead key and you dont have to worry aobut it not being able to run Windows. It would be intersting to see the ability to change out OSes on other devices. But that is getting off subject, lets keep it on subject.
It's either just me, or maybe what I had to drink before I came home, but some of y'alls posts read like Klingon or maybe Ferengi.

What was the subject again?

Both of the programs that I've tried that claimed to restore our old familiar START button, did that OK, but they also left my computer in a state of Delirium Tremons. (Drunk as a skunk).
I had to do a full reinstall to clean things up and get back to basics. So far, I'm up to re-install #6 and looking forward to doing it several times more, before I get things the way I want them.

I've got the "boot to Desktop" fixed, to my satisfaction anyway, and now for the next task.

So far, concerning Win-8, all I can say is "Intelestink, velly intelestink!" but far from something I'm ready to dump my XP for.
My well tuned XP is still far more user friendly and essentially faster than Win-8 in its current form. And it runs EVERYTHING that I would ever want to run.

I'm not some spaced out Gamer or high-end Corporate number cruncher, but for the most part, I'm just an average home PC user. Yes, I own 16 computers, and they all run, but I don't have a home network. I have Wireless N 300 capability, with my Intellinet 300N router, but its not even password protected. I live by one simple rule "Keep it simple Stupid!" If it ain't necessary, I don't have it or run it.
The world would be a better place is more people just followed that simple rule. Eh?

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NO! It absolutely is NOT.
To be a network, two or more computers have to be in communication with one another, that's the very definition of a network.

I've been at this stuff or 30+ years, I certainly know what a network is.

Just because you're on a bus with twenty other people, does not make you all a family..... does it?
Connected to the web, connectes you to the rest of the world, and thus all computers connected to the web. Though that would be a WAN as aposed to a LAN. It is not as simple as two computers communicating, because that would incluede prety much anything. Routers, switches, printers, scanners, copiers, yada yada yada are all clissifed as compouters. I'm not trying to piss you off, it is just that even though you only have a single computer connected to that router, it is still a network. It is still functuning as a network, it will at any point with out needing any help transmit information as a network. Your analagy is good for this, just because the computers are all in the same building, dosen't mean they are connected to the same network or a network at all. Stand alone computers exist, some people like to have one that way. Though the point still remains that the router with the built in switch is a network device, it is running as a network, regardless of how many devices you have connected to it.
Dearest..... I don't think that we're ever going to agree on just what constitutes a "Network", as our backgrounds are considerably different. Maybe we can just politely agree, to disagree and move on. OK?


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I know people dont always have the same mind set as me and dont always understand what I am saying. I never intended for this conversation to go in the direction of disagreement, but more along the lines of why do you say that. I have not problems with being polite with you and abiding by those terms. :)
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No snide remarks here!
It may have been the late hour or the St Patrick's day festivities, but if our disagreement of just what constitutes a "Network" got a little "Over the Top", I'm really sorry.
I certainly did not intend to be offensive to you. Really!


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You ass, gotta be mean to me...I can't stay mad at you, you are a cool guy and a friend. I forgive you. Thank you for that.
need a lot help for Clive Barker's Jericho

how can i work to Clive Barker's Jericho on windows 8

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Holy cow, that is a serious necromancer right there resurrecting a thread from nearing a decade ago. :p