Windows 7 Gartner slams Windows 7 downgrade

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    Operator error is probably the most cases that I have seen as far as viruses and other software issues with windows, and at the same time, at this day and age, people want instant gratification. There is no such thing as a full proof OS and will never be as long as there's someone on the other side figuring out how to get around security, just because you have an antivirus program does not mean you can't get a virus, there's no guarantee, but that's what keeps me in business so I guess it's a good thing...
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    C'mon guys

    If you believe Gartner you'd believe that every Government managed IT project ran on time, within Budget and didn't employ 1000's of consultants from no hope agencies like Accenture (Accidenture) PWC and others in similar vein.

    Forget all this B/S

    I'm actually surprised that anybody even listens to Gartner now -- but since Accidenture and other "Consultancies" still seem to be players in the market -- particularly in Government contracts where they can escape the rigours of the Private Sector maybe it's not so surprising after all.

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