Windows 8 Gateway ZX6971 AIO TouchScreen


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I have a Gateway ZX6971 All-In-One computer I got at Best Buy for the main reason of being able to upgrade to Windows 8. I ran the Windows 8 release preview on my laptop, and really liked the upgrade from Windows 7. Anyways, I've upgraded this Gateway AIO to Windows 8 and immediately had problems. The first was, I was unable to connect to the internet via WiFi because my WiFi card didn't have updated drivers. After about 2 or 3 days, I finally found a solution for that. Now the next task I wish to complete is finding the right drivers for my computer, so that my touch screen will work with Windows 8. I'm just an average computer guy who doesn't really know too much other than the obvious. If anyone can help me find a solution to getting my touchscreen working, my computer will be back at 100%.