Get Skype its now available!!!


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Skype is now available people!!! look in the store.
Screenshot (11).png

And this is different than the Skye we, already, have & have had for a long time??


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I've been using Skype with Windows 8 as long as I have had any version installed with no problems.

I just went to the Skype web site and downloaded the latest version a year ago.

I use Skype for my phone pretty much, never touch a hand set unless I have too.


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Same here, Mike & I don't see it in the Store, anyway; it doesn't show under Social. I DL'd it from long ago. And that does just fine.


If you've been using Skype, you shouldn't/don't have to download/re-download anything, as long as your Auto Updates has not been turned off. Tools/Options/Advanced/Automatic updates.

Of course, I agree, Don. My question was, is the any difference between the Skype I already have & the Skype (Store) APP being mention which, doesn't actually appear when I visit Store. Indeed, I don't think there is any difference except for the display of Skype's 'window' is a bit different in the APP as shown in the picture about than the Skype window we already have always had/have.

Anyway, no worries.


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I suspect that the OP may be referencing the Windows 8 Store Metro Skype App, which yes is different than the conventional desktop Skype app.
You can select it from the front page of the store or simply use the "Type To Search" method to find it within the store.
And it may not be available yet in all geographical regions


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Well, as of now, I sure can't find it in there. No biggie. Maybe cus I'm still on the RP but, wouldn't expect 'geographical' issues for Canada. Certainly doesn't show on the (my) Store's Front Page. My Win8 Pro will arrive in a few days.


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