Get Windows 10 Bug: Doesn't Intialize Waited For Hours


I seem to have problem with get windows 10 i clicked the button and writed my email then i waited until 29th and i had bug only i spot windows logo and i closed windows update straight away so now my pc tries to intialize but it i waited for more hours and nothing it must be prank or fake message i want update now but can you tell me how to upgrade now beacuse my windows no longer updates i can get security updates and others and then nothing but error is spelled in lithuania so use google translate and you may see lithuania letters like ąčęėįšųū just copy each of lithuanian letters and then you may figure out this problem if you experienced same thing then you may need wait for an someones answer. And it wants to restart to fix but it dint work.
Pic of the error used only window and whole desktop : click that bottom text its not info its imgur link
windows 10 update bug
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what is softwaredistrubiution but what download folder inside was used for? i using hp pavilon 15 sleekbook wich is touchscreen laptop
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