geting backed up files from w7 to vista

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by oj99, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Help is needed for geting backed up files from w7 to vista.

    hey all
    ive installed vista back becuase i have been having probles with vireses and worm holes
    ive backed up all from windows 7 and whant to get the files from the backup to be restorde to vista but how do i get the files to be put on as the back up drive doesnt show up on the list because its a newer then vista and a there is there a program to restore the file from a new system. can eny on help?


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    Not enough information to determine your issue. You have somehow restored back to Vista... clean install? But you want to restore your files from where... a Windows 7 Backup? That won't work. No way around it that I know of... you may be able to access the files somehow.. if you can find a program or hack that can read the Windows Backup Files properly.. you could maybe extract with seperate software. I don't have enough information.

    When did you perform the backups and under what OS (Vista or 7)?
    You are trying to restore the backups to Vista?
    Are you sure the backups arent corrupt or done under 7. The backup changed in 7 so its not going to work if it was made in 7.

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