Windows XP Getting BSOD, In XP Installation!


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Dec 7, 2013
I am using Dell Inspiron N3521 Laptop. I am trying to install XP in my laptop.
But I am getting BSOD( 0X0000007B ).

I have changed AHCI to ATA from my BIOS but it didn't help. And didn't find options like IDE or Comp mode in my BIOS to try.

I have deleted my hard drive ( I mean now It's unallocated ). I didn't re-format it. Is that a problem?
Or I have to create partitions before Installing XP? ( Crazy question! but I didn't used XP before!! )
Thanks for your reply.
Did you mean this? ( I have attached a picture )
Problem is after pressing 's' it searches for a floppy disk to load the drives from. But I have no floppy disk in my Laptop. What can I do?
Another question which drivers I have to download from dell's site for this purpose? Serial ATA drivers?


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If you look on the web page for your machine there isn't even an xp driver. The machine is made for use with windows 7/8/8.1 which already carries the driver in question. Your machine was never intended to be used with windows xp and so you might find difficulties even installing (which you already have run into) Could you not obtain a copy of windows 7 instead?
Actually I need XP for a software to run which works only under XP.
What about Slipstream?
Truth is I have already tried slipstream ( ). But it didn't work. I don't know why!
In that HOWTO they used SATA controller drivers for Mobile Intel® ICH9M chipset. I also tried with those drives.
But my chipset is Mobile Intel HM76 Expree chipset. Is this the cause of failure?

I have found a ftp server for Dell Inspiron-14-3421. Which contains Serial ATA hardware driver and in the list of supported OS I can see XP. will this help? The only difference between inspiron-14-3421 and inspiron-15-3521 is first one is 14 inch and second one is 15.6 inch.
Here is the link
The trouble is your trying to get drivers and software that wasn't designed or intended to run on your machine. The only reason I can think of for it not working is that it simply wasn't designed for it. If you want to run certain software that will only run under xp you could either use compatibility mode and/or create a virtual machine and load xp on that.
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