Going back to vist or xp

I Just upgraded to Windows 7 from vista 32 bit, but my games fps and resolution are terrible i think there not compadele with W 7 'CSS,COD2 ect.' I know going back to vista or xp would whipe out my hard drive.I atempted to install xp when i insert a xp disc it wont let me install due to W 7 being a newer OS .So would going back to vista be easer because that what my PC came with and what would i have to do to install it would i need a disc. I know alot of Questions but do your best PLZ

Yeah, you would need to do a clean install of XP or Vista. Have you checked if your system meets Windows 7 system requirements? If you want to switch back to XP/Vista, insert the CD and restart your computer. Boot from your installation CD format your partition, and make a fresh install.


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