Windows 10 Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat - default opening


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After every restart of computer, Google Chrome is not default, no browser is default, every time I have to pick it up as default browser. At the same time, it becomes default for opening pfd files instead of Adobe Acrobat DC (reader, freeware). So then I have to manually change that too.
It is annoying to do that every day, I've searched many forums and didn't find the solution.
Many are having similar issues. I think the best thing you can try is resetting/reinstalling your Windows. I think the issue you're encountering is probably due to a patch update. So they will probably work on the update and release a new one that will clear up those mess. Sorry for the incontinency @privremene
If you are using windows 10 then follow the instructions, I think those will work for you :)
1. Setting the default program from Control Panel
=> Press Windows + R then type “control panel
=> Click on Programs.

=> Then click on Default Programs

=> Click on Set your Default Programs.

=> At the bottom, under "Web browser," click your current browser.

=>In the "Choose an app" window, click Google Chrome.

2. Making Default from the Browser
=>Open Chrome and click on the "Three Dots" in the upper right corner Click on Settings.

=>Click on the Settings > Default Browser

=> Click on the “Make Default
=> Follow the onscreen instructions to make Chrome the default browser.
=> Now check to see if you are successful in changing the default browser.
When I was also suffering from this problem I used Malwarebytes to fix the issue with my PC and now it works well. So I would like to suggest that try this method first then go ahead.