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Hey Folks....i m a new to W7 been with it for just over a week and so far loving every second...and the wealth of knowledge on these forums is amazing!!!

Just a quick question...any one noticed that FF is considerably slower in W7 or is it just my imagination? I know I m using the 3.5 so I expect a certain level of trial and error kinda situation...but just trying to enlighten my self....

Also...why is it that when chrome is running it has 3-4 .exe files showing on the task manager while FF for instance only shows one...

I m running Chrome 3.0 BTW and i find it lighter (possibly) and faster than FF...just FYI..

Many thanks
Each tab will run as a different process so if one tab crashes the others will be unaffected!

One problem i find in 7. Sometimes when you click a link you get a web null page but just refresh to get that. Hopefully fixed by RTM.

But Google Chrome is really easy to use and can customize it using vista themes. Overall better than FF and IE. Way more than Safari. If mobiles can download Google Chrome then ill getting it.


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Google has released a new beta for Chrome, featuring changes to the new tab page including the ability to pin web site thumbnails, hide pages, and other improvements.

You can now use "the new New Tab page" to pin web site thumbnails to a designated spot to keep better track of them. Another addition is the ability to use the layout buttons to hide parts of the page. Additionally, the Omnibox now shows icons next to each site in the drop down menu. Google has also started to implement HTML5 capabilities like video tagging into this release. And yes, the new release promises even more speed in the form of JavaScript improvements and optimizations in how Chrome fetches pages.
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And here are some new themes to try out.

You just browse to the page in Chrome and click apply theme


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got the new beta yesterday is much faster than the previous version

Hi Guys,

Just to clarify are you talking about the version or is it some another version that s the actual beta?

Many thanks


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my current version is which i've just updated to! from the google beta page


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my current version is which i've just updated to! from the google beta page
Same here

If you are using maybe its the latest stable release.


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lol - who knows with google :D

#29 i must have a future version!! I feel special!!!...

Thanks for the quick response guys.....I think it might be, if I m not mistaken that I downloaded the Dev. channel which 3.0 as well!!!..who knows...i ll go to the website and try out..

Many thanks again

When using Chrome you can choose which branch you wish to use by trying the Chrome Channel switcher app from Google. Allows you to choose from Stable, Beta or Dev releases. Or you could try the bleeding edge Chromium -

Dev - Index of /buildbot/snapshots/chromium-rel-xp
Beta - Index of /buildbot/continuous/LATEST

I've been using Chromium since it was released and it does support quite a few extensions now, though not as reliably as Chrome does. I actually went back and downloaded the latest FF 3.5.2 and to be honest it seems to load pages faster, especially images. Page loading is almost instant whereas Chrome/Chromium seems to sometimes pause and stutter and is generally slower. I even found that using a combination of a few addons you can make FF look and act almost identically to Chrome if you so wish. See pic below -


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Maybe I won't get in trouble for saying it again but I feel the need to say this. There are 2 Firefox extensions I refuse to surf the internet without:


AdBlock Plus:

When Google offers a way to do what these extensions do I will consider using it. Not until.

i think google chrome may be better than IE8 or fire fox
google chrome isn't need you had a lot of ram or cpu ,did not like fire fox must use a lot of plus ,let your computer speed down.

also ie8 is wrote by microsoft but google chrome is wrote by google ,it had to do a internet searcher of a long time , google chrome support to block website if it to appear in goolge's blacklist , so is most safest

i Love google chrome. but download google chrome closed for country iran:(:)((

i Love google chrome. but download google chrome closed for country iran:(:)((
Try grabbing the open source equivalent 'Chromium' from here.

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