GPEdit windows 7 home premium install errors

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by pat gilbert, Sep 24, 2013.

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    (hopefully davehc will see this?)

    Downloaded you program on a new install on Dell inspirion Duo. Windows 7 premium. Did all updates first so machine was "virgin". Ran you install.

    Did mmc and add. The "group policy object" never appeared in list of add but a strange character (A with umlaut or such) appeared. I added that and it was the group policy.

    Problem 1 - i went looking for the advanced user option to make a policy for users (student) different from administrator. The only tab was "this computer" --users did not appear.

    Problem 2 -- more important i got errors when trying to close the console. see attached.

    any help would be appreciated -- i'm trying tosetup machines for student use --

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    davehc did see it. In my post, on another forum, I wrote that it was not an original work, but copied over from another site. It was a couple of years ago and, quite honestly, I cannot remember from where. The instructions turned out to be faulty, in many instances, although they worked for some, so I deleted it. Unfortunately, it seemed to have crawled around the web before the deletion.
    I have looked at the link, above, and Vishal has obviously worked hard to get it to install correctly. Seems it is even compatible with Windows 8.1 - there's a hard working operative!!
    Maybe , if you think it relevant, I should point out that Gpedit.msc, is, in a way, a graphical interface into the registry. It is considerably safer than manual edits, but the same MS warnings apply. Altering the registry from the original can have bad consequences but, with the use of gpedit, the alterations are far easier to undo again. Vishal explains all, but, I have spent some time looking through GPedit in Windows 8 and, currently, 8.1. There are many redundant entries in there, going back to early Windows 7 releases, which, even if you change, will have no impact.
    imo. I think it would have been a better option, in home editions, to protect the registry from unknowledgeable users, but install gpedit.msc as a standard.
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    So I searched for one of the CLSID's in your screenshot and came up with an old article from MS:

    Maybe adding the WBEM path to your path variable will fix the issue?

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