Windows 7 GPO Mappings Broke


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Using Windows Server 2008 to manange my network with XP SP/3 clients, i was able to create in the domain GPO mappings to auto map drives when a user logged in based on what OU the pc belonged to, who the user was, and / or what Security group the user belonged to.

Just to play around, we have upgraded two pc's to windows 7 build 7000, one x86 and the other x64. First, the install was flawless! Thanks MS! For the 64-bit machine, however, we had to swtich to x86 because we couldn't locate a good x64 Realtek package that would install in compatibility mode. No matter, we'll revisit that later. That isn't the problem though.

We were able to join the 2 PC's to our domain. On the server, we moved the pc's to the correct OU (using the right-click menu option MOVE rather than dragging the pc name to the OU). We did a gpupdate /force on the server and rebooted the client's. It appears the GPO's took effect cause certain settings have changed (ie users can't modify Windows Update settings as we use a WSUS server and all clients point to that), as well as Firewall and a few other things. However, drive mappings are no longer automatic. Every user gets two shares mapped automatically, and more depending on their Security Group and / or OU. XP clients worked flawlessly. We understand Win7 is beta for now, but was wondering if we were missing something, or is this a problem that maybe we should send feedback on? Manually mapping the shares works ok, and it appears Permissions / Security works ok that way.


Figured it out. We've never used Vista so that probably explains why this wasn't working. In XP, we only had to enter the users name then select the domain (if different from last logon). I guess starting in Vista, the default login is <computer_name>\local user. To login to a domain, you have to type <domain>\<domain user> for Win 7, and i suspect its that way for Vista also? Anyhow, clicked switch user, then entered the domain followed by the user name and everything works like a champ. Kinda wish there was an interface like XP where you just have to enter the user name, then select a domain from a drop down list.
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