Windows 7 Grouping on taskbar not working

Has anyone had a problem where some of the apps won't group on the taskbar properly? I am using a roaming profile and it happens on all installations of Windows 7 (Ultimate) with this profile. If I log in locally to the same computer and use the same programs, the grouping works fine.

To be more specific, Internet Explorer groups as it should, Google Chrome does not - the original icon stays where it was and a second icon appears on the taskbar. All subsequent icons are grouped with the second icon. Must just be Google Chrome, right? Nope...

MS Outlook 2007 does exactly the same thing - a Microsoft app. The explorer folders tab works as it should (like IE). I checked the taskbar properties and it's set to "always combine, hide labels".

It's a small annoyance, but it is still annoying and I can't find a fix for it anywhere. Suggestions?


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