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Jan 30, 2009
i installed Halo 1 on 7 and experienced MAJOR frames-per-second problems. i had to turn down the graphics to their lowest settings to get it to work. i was wondering if this was because of the interface using up all the graphics memory or something else. i plan on upgrading to 7 when it's finally out and i want to know if i need to upgrade my graphics (again) to be able to run my games (which is really just halo 1 (possibly 2), UT04 and UT3).
its probably nothing more than a driver issue, that gfx card should be able to handle all the halo you can throw at it....
i tried installing the Windows Vista drivers for the card and it didn't work, i still get the awful FPS ratios.
did you try the windows 7 beta drivers? i had problems with the vista version of the drivers for my ATi card, the beta driver on the other hand was flawless...
before i installed the vista drivers, i had a prerelease set of drivers but i had the same problem.
which version of halo 1 PC right? 1.08? im using custom edition 1.06; also try reinstalling the beta drivers and try right clicking the properties on the icon and type "-use2.0" without quotations, in the target location, after the other stuff, see if that helps...
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i'm using regular halo 1.08 (not custom). i also reinstalled the beta graphics drivers. i haven't heard of the "use2.0" before, but i'll give it a shot.

edit: it didn't work at all and this is getting extremely frustrating.
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ok delete that use2.0, if nothing much changes with changing the drivers, more than likely nvidia just used the same drivers for thier "newer" beta version; try this: uninstall all drivers, and attempt to use the microsoft graphics drivers

EDIT: if that doesnt work try other games, if they are all sluggish its probably a driver issue, if not, go into the nvidia panel and disable AA and AF for all games permanantly, usually AA and AF create problems with halo PC and CE...
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hey im currently on an upgraded version of windows 7 32-bit. i have all the latest drivers and such for all but my pc's IR port [cuz no driver is available] and im trying to play Halo CE.
I have all my settings at the minimum for graphics and i keep getting 5+ blue screens while playing. i have 2GB ram and celeron M 1.6GHz processor.
I am also the computer admin and it still wont let me update for online play.
Can some one help me here?

like seriously isn't halo a windows product?
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