Hard drive not showing full capacity

I got a new computer today as it's christmas. Everything started fine as I installed windows 7 onto my pc but I noticed when setting up the installation, the hard drive only showed up as 74gb.

My hard drive is 520gb hard drive and isn't showing up as it's full amount. Ive posted pictures to help with the explanation. Any help?

I have looked around a few posts and none help me

How about going to Computer management then disc management and post a screen shot of your C drive

Here is the screenshot you requested

What is that system reserved I do not show anything like that on my HD
I cannot understand why it is not showing you full capacity. What is the capacity in the BIOS.
You may have to completely reformat and install from the installation disc
Hopefully someone will come up with the answer

Ok. Ill try reformatting it. Thanks for trying

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I think the 100MB System Reserved is for system files boot manager etc. If it's a new computer why were you intalling windows? It sounds like you were doing an upgrade instead of a clean installupgrade? A clean install is always best.

Joe S

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This link will explain about the 100MB partition http://windows7forums.com/tweaks-gu...on-been-created-during-windows-7-install.html I agree with Drew said about partitioning the HD. I've got a 750G HD and used 100 for system the rest for data. After posting I notice the Link isn't highlighted but it does work.

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