Hard drive size shows different in windows and a partition manager

Guy Stevens

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i tried to used pc disk clone x to clone my win7 to a smaller hard drive.
now for some reason My Computer shows as 381 gig size instead of 682 gig
here is a pic
tried to make the partition a couple megs smaller to make it realize the actual size and its not working.
any ideas?

Guy Stevens

New Member
ended up with a pretty good fix. used easeus partition master to make the main c drive 380 gig then made the unallocated 310 into a new partition z:
think ill leave it this way to clone the main stuff easier from now on.
maybe it will still help someone else


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The partition problematic can be rather problematic. I know a person who lost 4Tb in the mess, an acknowledged modder and a companion in a project. Years of work... the result was that he got mad at me, because I didn't understand the weight of his loss.

Makes you ponder, safe copying could be safe?

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