Windows 7 Hate to say it but Windows 7 sucks in my experience

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Dec 23, 2010
I just have to say it, my Windows 7 experience has been less then great...
In fact its been horrid.
I have built my first computer just recently from the ground up with my own choices in hardware, nothing is defective and yet Windows 7 has been giving me nothing but issues.
I honestly dont see what is so great about it, its all flashy effects and unstable as all heck.
I have had no less then 20 bluescreens and that number counting by the day.
Many times 7 refuses to start properly, or starts but bluescreens off the bat, I have had issues updating as well and its been one headache after the next.
I dont get it, all this hype Microsoft gives to 7 and its no better then Vista on my machine, heck I rather have XP again with all the issues I have had.
I am beginning to wonder if paying the $140 I did on the OS is worth it, heck I have had more success with Linux then I ever did with Windows.
I use Ubuntu linux 10.10 and so far its crashed far less, had not nearly as many issues and works better in my opinion.
Windows the better OS?
Not to me.
Post a crash dump and somebody will check it out. Are your hardware choices all compatible with Windows 7? Have you updated the BIOS and all of the drivers from manufacturer's site? What do you have for antivirus AVG is known for problems. Maybe some of your hardware choices don't get along.
No I made a full hardware compatibility check, all anti virus software is installed and able to function (I am using clamwin) I updated the bios and everything...
It has been a nightmare in every sense of the word figuring this crap out.
Post a crash dump file so somebody can analyze it. They are usually pretty fast when they see one but it might be a little longer with the holiday.
I use Ubuntu linux 10.10 and so far its crashed far less, had not nearly as many issues and works better in my opinion.
Windows the better OS?
Not to me.

Then WTF, go use Ubuntu. I have been using Windows 7 since the public beta, and it has never crashed on me. Not once. I dual-boot with Ubuntu as well, but prefer Windows - it is faster and cleaner. I like Maverick all right, but there are still rough edges.

Anyway instead of trolling and whining, post some real information, and perhaps someone will help you figure out what's going on.
When someone complains of Windows 7 being anything less than stellar, it means they have created their own issues and the instability is 100% their fault.

If you want me to fix your machine in one single post and make it perfect, go to C:\Windows\Minidump.

Copy the files in there to any other folder then zip them. Attach zip here along with the 2 screen shots asked for in my signature.
How is not favoring Windows 7 trolling?
I am just being honest in my opinion that for me Windows 7 is not as perfect as Microsoft makes it out to be.
As for any logs I can post, well I did a scan and nothing...
So 7 seems to be giving me gripes for no logical reason
How is not favoring Windows 7 trolling?
I am just being honest in my opinion that for me Windows 7 is not as perfect as Microsoft makes it out to be.
As for any logs I can post, well I did a scan and nothing...
So 7 seems to be giving me gripes for no logical reason

Not "favoring" Windows 7 is not trolling. Coming on with "windows 7 sucks, ubuntu is better in my opinion", without providing any useful information, and then expecting someone to care - that is trolling and whining. If ubuntu is better in your opinion, why are you here? And, if you expect help, why not just ask for help, instead of putting down the OS that people here sort of think is pretty good? Why not just stick with ubuntu for that matter?

You could have just said "I am having this problem, can you help me solve it?"

Instead you had to say Windows 7 sucks. That, my friend, is trolling on a Windows 7 forum.

But you knew that.
How is not favoring Windows 7 trolling?
I am just being honest in my opinion that for me Windows 7 is not as perfect as Microsoft makes it out to be.
As for any logs I can post, well I did a scan and nothing...
So 7 seems to be giving me gripes for no logical reason

IMAO Windows 7 is a great OS, I had some problems when I first booted, but they got ironed out by checking stuff and updating stuff. Windows 7 and my computer work fine.

if you wanna make ussumptions for software like this, Think about Windows ME and Windows Vista when they first came out, even being updated and patched they still have problems.

Microsoft got it right with Windows XP and Windows 7 first go, so that means that the 1st SP's for them were small
Its called having an opinion, am I not allowed to have an opinion?

Look I am not saying Ubuntu is perfect but as far as Windows 7 goes it has not been fun or any real improvement over what came before.
Its given me more errors then I can count, I only installed Windows 7 for basic gaming and playback of Netflix, I wanted to do something simple and even so Windows 7 has more errors for me then what I used before, even XP didnt give me this many gripes.

I have no real logs explaining to me what is wrong with Windows, if I did I would post them but I have done every scan imaginable...
My install went fine, I installed no malicious software to cause all this either.
I have used windows for over 10 years now so I should know what I am doing.
I have used every windows version between windows 95 to Vista and beyond.

Besides there are many people that come on Linux forums that say Linux sucks so I think I am sort of evening the score here, I have had a bad experience with Windows 7 and cant find any reason for it...
My hardware is comatible, all of it brand friggin new and windows 7 compliant...
So why am I having issues?
Something is not right here, but I cant say what it is.
Oh come off it, troll (this is clear now). There is no hive mind here, nor an insistence that Win7 is the greatest thing on the planet. "There happy?" You're being a childish snot. It's not about opinions. It's about being reasonable. You need to lose your attitude, that's all. This is a forum for people that want help solving problems, not snarky trolls.

What's up with "evening the score"? Just what the hell is your problem? Are you on some kind of Linux crusade? This has nothing to do with Windows vs. Linux. You claim to have an issue with Windows, but you won't post relevant information, and you insult everyone trying to help. And then make snotty remarks like "there, happy?". Nobody's even talking about Linux here, much less dissing it.

I strongly suggest you stick with Ubuntu, since it works so well for you, and you have no intention of working with anyone who might possibly help you.
Look I am just mad over the whole thing, I spent all this money so I can install an OS that doesnt seem to work right for me.
You say you have problems/issues, you do not give an explanation or description of problem/issues. Surely you must have at least one mini dump file you could Zip and post but all you have done is complain. People here are willing and able to help you resolve your problem. However it is incumbent on you to post the problem along with files that are requested so the experts here can take a look and help you.
I told you to post a crash dump file when you first posted and somebody would analyze it. Where is it? Most of the people with problems haven't updates drivers BIOS etc, have hardware or software conflicts or done upgrades instead of a clean install.
Unfortunately just because all of your hardware says "Windows 7 Certified" does not mean your combination of hardware was ever tested together. Each piece may work fine with windows 7, just not necessarily your combination.

Your best bet is to grab a dump any time you get a blue screen and get it analyzed to see what component(s) are not playing well together.
I'm not a troll. I built my first PCs back in the late 80s and was a dyed-in-the-wool PC guy but worked with Macs during the day. After a few years when it was time to upgrade, the choice was obvious. Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1... cute little clown suits for DOS. The first cut at Mac OSX was a dog, but by this time the hardware has caught up with the software and it's pretty much bulletproof. I have to ask -- why subject yourself to Windows? Seriously. You can RUN Windows on an Intel Mac, and I've never seen it run better than on a Mac, weird as that sounds.
I have been working with computers since the late 70's, and I've seen it all. I was a big fan of CP/M. :p

I did not care at all for Windows when it first came out. The first Windows I ever trusted was Windows 2000, which I ran contentedly for 7 years, until I needed a new computer. I really like Windows 7, and have not had one particle of trouble with it. I like the way it works, I like the way it looks. I am hardly "subjecting" myself to it.

I simply find the Macintosh OS X interface cartoonish and grotesque. I never could see why people thought it was so great. I can't stand global menus. I don't like bouncing icons in a doc. It just doesn't do anything for me or my workflow.

I'm sure as heck not going to spend extra $$$ for a Mac so I can run Windows on it.

Actually, coming to a Windows forum with a post titled "Hate to say it but Windows 7 sucks in my experience", refusing to give the info that people asked for, people who were willing to help you, and ending up with extolling the Mac as being bulletproof and the best for running Windows 7... that's trolling.

You have been asked several times to simply post a dump file so that we can help you, and you refuse to do it. Is it because you don't even have a computer that you're trying to run Windows 7 on? Or that you don't want help?

Go back to your Mac or your Linux or whatever you find to be so great, and stop trolling.
Why MSFT continues to allegedly develop a user-hostile flaky interface is beyond me. Bill Gates had a great idea in the 80s when he literally said "I want Mac on the PC". Why doesn't it hang together better yet? They certainly have the money.

When I purchased and installed XP on my kids' iMacs I was shocked at the butt-ugly ANSI loading screens, especially since the day before I'd loaded the Mac OS, which was full-color full-motion with sound from the first second... not an ANSI screen from 1988.

MSFT could and should do better. I remember trying to install a font on a Win95 box and compared to loading a font on the Mac it was an impossible task. Why make the interface so confusing and dense? To keep IT guys in their jobs?! The thing was, we used Macs in our department and IT would tell us "Yeah, we can fix it in three weeks" but we had to crank stuff out THAT DAY, so being able to fix/rebuild the desktop (this is back in System 6 days) was crucial. Windows appeared to be designed to BE difficult to support, not "user-friendly".
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