Windows 7 Hate to say it but Windows 7 sucks in my experience

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I have Ultimate but, I can't see or anywhere that says this can't work using lesser flavours OR w/ Vista; dbl check, please & let me, us know, if you would be so kind, thanks.. I do know it will not work w/ XP, as the 'host'. Course, lots of things don't work on, aren't designed for, XP, anymore.

But, maybe the understanding you & Joe have is correct. Honestly, I never had any thought or reason to explore that aspect. Be cool if you guys can confirm 1 way or the other.

And yes, certainly, this method can be use for dual-booting to whatever other than just Windows 8...

2 Windows 7s
7 and Vista
7 & XP

I think it is only bootable with Windows 7 Ultimate and Pro. I also created the disk first. When I was done I just deleted the folder and removed from the boot tab. I also mad a drive image before I started any of this.
I have 5 Windows7 systems running (some are used by the wife who is not a geek). A couple run since Beta. I have yet to see the first BSOD (knock on wood). I also still have 2 Vista systems which I like. Those run like on roller skates. I remember 1 BSOD in early 2007, but that was one of those hand knitted driver's fault.

After appr. 35.000 postings on various technical forums I have learned that 99.9% of BSODs or other troubles are user inflicted. You cannot blame the system for sceaming if you keep hitting it with a 2 by 4.
Have you tried using the virtual hard drive in Windows 7 yet? I don't mean a virtual machine Ultimate and Pro let you create a folder and use it to dual boot just like another partition. I tried it for the developer preview and it worked pretty good.

That might work, but for this so that I can do the screen shots for all OS installations, I would go with VM. I will have to do a little bit of research on this though, for when the Windows 8 beta is released.
The virtual hard disk uses your actual hardware like ram and video card. A VM uses a portion of host ram and a virtual video card.
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