Having a serious problem with my browser! All webpages are blocked!

Hello, I`m having a serious problem with Google Chrome...
I feel so stupid right now, so any help would be appreciated. I`ve Attached two screenshots of my problem.
I think it has something to do with `SQUID` or that `barwlow.l1ve.tv: 18` thing.
Thanks in advance!



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Either something is trying to redirect your browser, or someone activated parental controls on Chrome. If this is at a work place then the latter is the most likely.


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Open Chrome, click the wrench icon (top right), Settings, Network, Change Proxy Settings, Change LAN settings.

Unclick the box, Automatically Detect Settings, if it is clicked.

If this doesn't work, what happens if you try and open the same pages in another browser like I.E.?

If the pages will open in other browsers but not Chrome, uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

Also it's worth the time to run Malwarebytes to make sure it isn't some kind of malware bug.


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