Windows 8 Hedging their bets


Noob Whisperer
It seems that Microsoft wants to have their cake and eat it too. Who wouldn't, after all what good is having cake if you can't eat it.
On the one hand they have this new OS (Windows 8) which is likely to RTM in August (some suggest as early as July) and become GA (Generally Available) in October, which they are busy spit shining, polishing and applying lipstick to, what some argue, is and will likely be a pig, that no amount of marketing / beautification will make palatable to the broader consumer audience. I'm guessing that new PC sales by virtue of attrition will likely be the primary avenue of any early adoption.
And on the other hand they don't want Windows 8 to impact ongoing sales of Windows 7 to large enterprise markets that have still not made the switch from Windows XP.

Poor Microsoft, a tough spot to be in, as win or loose, any foreseeable outcome will likely net them another Gazillion dollars.

What I find most interesting about the article though is the very subtle admission that Windows 8 was not designed with Desktops in mind. DUH!!

"Windows 8 is a bold new bet, and it's a generational change in Windows," said Antoine Leblond, corporate vice president of Windows Web Services. "Windows 8 first and foremost is a better Windows than Windows 7."

Leblond said Windows 7 is the last in a line of OSes that began with Windows 95, designed primarily for desktop PCs that are always connected to a power source and act as the main repository for users' applications, data and content.

On the other hand, Windows 8 is designed for the world's shift to mobile devices that run on batteries and to applications and content that live dispersed in a variety of web sites and must be constantly available

Ahhhhh! Now I see. I just wasn't getting it. It seems that Microsoft, no longer wants to dance with those of us who brought them. I hope that works out for them.
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P.S. And what may very well be the most interesting part of the whole issue, at least in so far as Desktop versus Mobile device, is how simple the resolution would be. We all saw it in the Developers Preview, one registry key and one minute of your time and BAM! ...... Desktop.