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I have received the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I have an HP Pavillion Notebook dv9810us. I had some problems with the Windows installation, it had lost a driver avgidshx.sys. I bought a new hard drive as the cd rom drive did not work and installed Windows 7 onto it through my brother's laptop. It ran fine on his laptop but when I put the hard drive into my computer, I ran into the Blue Screen of Death. Not only that, but I have other hard drives and when I tried to run Windows 7 on it with them, it still BSODed. Different technical information hexadecimals come up but the main one is always the same 0x00000007b. The most recent one I got was 0XFFFFF880009A9928 0XFFFFFFFFC0000034 0X000000000 0X000000000 One of my hard drives does work with an installation of Vista, but it needs a password I dont have. I have tried to get password deletion software but most if not all need a working cd rom drive. I tried using a usb stick but it comes up with prep 101 360 flash utility. Apparently the computer thinks I am trying to run an XBOX 360 hard drive? Please help me. I have been trying to fix this for days now.


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In most cases you can't install Win7 on one computer and then move the hard drive to another computer.

Have you tried to install Win7 on the hard drive that's in the laptop using the HP recovery disks? If so, what happened?
That'll tell us which way we have to go from here.

My cd rom drive doesn't work so I can't use a recovery disk. Also why am I not able to install windows 7 on a hard drive in a different laptop then move it to another one? Can I use a different operating system and do this? I am not particularly partial to any particular operating system. I'll use XP if it gets my computer running again.


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If you have a USB thumb drive (4GB or larger) you should be able to install Windows 7 onto the new hard disk installed in your laptop.
1.) You may have to enable USB legacy support in your system BIOS.
2.) You may have to either change your boot device priority to the USB device in your system BIOS or use an F-key to evoke a boot menu during post.
3.) You can use this tool here Windows USB/DVD Tool - Downloads - Windows 7 Forums to prepare the the thumb drive for the installation.
4.) If you have a legitimate Windows 7 Product Key you should be able to download the appropriate ISO from here Download Windows 7 Integrated With SP1 ISO – Official Direct Download Links

If I set it to usb drive being top priority i get this weird thing that says prep 101 360 flash utility then it says enter d Sam to use a samsung flash drive etc with F Sam to flash a samsung flash drive and enter ******** ***** replace the ******** ***** with your 360 serial number


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That would appear to be something that is on the Flash Drive that needs to be addressed.
As I said earlier the link to the Microsoft DVD/USB tool should prepare the flash drive for the installation. It will format and configure it with the necessary boot structure. So be sure that you have nothing of an important or critical nature on the drive before you begin.

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