Windows 7 HELP! Ethernet Controller Driver Problem HELP!


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I´ve got following problem :
I use windows 7 v.7000 Beta 1 and i have no driver for my Network card (Intel 21140)
I need badly the Internet Connection for some downloads and so on...
I have tried with some drivers but nothing happened.
Same problem as before :confused::confused::confused:
Similar problem...

Hey, you might want to try downloading a driver from the Intel website to another computer or drive, then move it to windows 7 and run it.
Network Connectivity - Support for Intel® Network Adapters
Didn't work for me for though :(.

This is my problem:
Intel Pro/100+ PCI Adapter.

On XP, drivers automatically install.

On windows 7, it won't find a proper driver, and when I downloaded the drivers from Intel and ran them, it says something like "you cannot install these drivers because an intel network card was not detected."
Then I try Winbond PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter. Again it works on xp, but same same problem as Intel on windows 7.
Finally, there is an on-board ethernet controller :D, but it's never worked even for xp :(.

I have even tried copying registry chunks and driver files manually from my xp installation to windows 7 as a last ditch effort, but it still doesn't work. The computer is basically useless to me without internet :D

Any ideas welcome!
I have found a way maybe it will work in your problem ,too
Download this package :
Intel 21140 based 10/100 mpbs Evaluation Board driver
Then you go to the Hardware Manager and klick update driver
Then there will come a window you choose search on the computer and the source of the Driver is the path of the Downloaded and unpacked package it worked in my problem with two different network adapters
good luck
PS sorry for my English I´m a 14 years old student in the 8th grade ^^