help get schannel error code 36887 after the nov kb2992611 update

I have been getting this schannel code 36887 fatal code 40 in the windows in event viewer and with windows freezing for a few seconds to a minute and then clears up and started more often. I have read a problem is caused by the faulty nov14 update kb2992611 to fix a Schannel security hole. It puts incorrect cyphers into windows.

I just downloaded kb 3018238 from Microsoft and installed it. This update said it is only for windows server . and will remove those ciphers. I have windows 7 and it did it install without error . I only got one error but still testing it.

If this kb3018238 does not fix problem will uninstalling this KB299611 fix the issue. Is it safe to go without security update. Don't understand how this kb3018238 installed I if it not for windows 7



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I would suggest, if your comp works, let it do so. Updates do sometimes cause more trouble than they solve. One problem we have is, more and more programs are installed, auto-update is used, and one doesn't really know what happens... Also, programs come with more and more attachments, not always so easy to see what you are installing.

Usually Microsoft solves these problems but since there may be a number of updates coming all the time, it's not the easiest of tasks - we're all just looking for the simple click-click method, aren't we, actually? Newer updates correct failures of older updates, thus waiting may be wiser than messing with installed ones - unless you really know what you're doing.

Take off any auto-updates you may have, in programs you have installed, it's usually found in Settings of the program, or in About. Includes Windows, have it only to notify you about available updates, but leave the final decision to yourself. You may also want to check what programs you have in auto start / Autorun, take off any unnecessary. I do recommend Revo Uninstaller for this. The more you have automated, the more potential difficulties you have. For one, if you have Steam autorunning, take it off. If you have direct Internet shortcuts on your desktop, start them, make them bookmarks on your browser, then delete the shortcuts.

Check your installed programs, uninstall anything suspicious - whatever that may mean, you may find me suspicious?

Check your system with CCleaner, get rid of all rubbish, and make a registry check / cleansing - do this with default settings, it's quite secure.

One way is to use something like to delay the startup of things, but the best way is definitely to have only main things to start, and then start what you want to have running by doing it manually.

Best wishes.

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