Help me to fix windows 8 hard disk failure.

Hi, my name is Jhim. I am having a hard time in fixing this hard disk failure. I've done CHKDSK but the system is stock in 27% and doesn't go any further. And when I run my pc normally it hangs up. What should I do? :(


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Did you actually get a message that said "Hard Disk Failure" when you tried to boot your computer?



No sir there's no messages.


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Well that's better, if you really did get that message then it could mean that the hard drives has actually failed.

Do you have a lot of data that you can't lose on the computer?

Do you have any recovery media, or backups?

What kind of computer is it?

Does it have a recovery partition?

When you try to boot what happens, how far does it get, and does it just stop loading and not display any error message?

Does it prompt you to do a repair when you turn it on?


There's no data will lose because I save all the important data in my flash drive. I don't have any recovery media :(. This is Ativ 4 Samsung computer. No partitions. When I chkdsk and starting to check the hard disk it is stocked in 27% and after 2-3 hrs it goes to BIOS. Yes there is a prompt when I on my laptop. Now I'm using the safe mode.


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Hi again...

I found this on another site...

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T factory reset

It is a lot easier than you might think to reset to factory settings.

First bring Up the onscreen keyboard.

Once it is up, press the shift key.

The shift key should be highlighted. Now press the power button that should be located in the bottom left hand corner.

You now have a few options. Select reset, it will ask you if you would like to simply reset your computer or to erase all files.

Select the option to erase all files, the reboot should take about 30 minutes but your Samsung is now reset to factory settings.


I don't have a lot of knowledge about pads.
If you can't get to the keyboard I'm afraid from what I can see the only option is to take it to a Samsung repair center.

I looked at the Samsung site and they have no information for factory reset.


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