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Windows 7 [HELP] Need help regarding partioning. How to move XXGB from X: drive to Z: drive


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Jan 19, 2009
Ok I need major help on this! I'm currently on Vista Ultimate. If I go to Administrative Tools and select Computer Management and select "Disk Management" I can see my drives.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the drives like this:

DISK_0 [150GB]
[Active, Primary Partion] //

DISK_1 [597GB]
"WIN_VISTA (C:)" - 395GB NTFS [System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partion]//
"WIN_7beta (W:)" - 172GB NTFS
[Primary Partition] //
[Primary Partion] //

When I made drive "W" I meant to only make it 100GB, that's where my Windows 7 Install will go. So what I need to know is how to put 72GB from "W" to either "C" or if no choice than "E".

What do I do?
Hmm. Several alternative possible.
First. Control Panel - Administartive tools - Computer Management - Disk management.

From here on, this is what I woud do.
1. Change the letter of D: to something. Put it out of the way, for the moment, to, say Z.
2. You will now be able to redesignate W as D
3. Shrink C.
4: Expand D to accomodate the , now, spare space.
5. Change the letter of Z, back to F

?? How does that sound.
I'll try this but what does shrinking C do?


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Shrinking does just that?? It will reduce the space occupied by C, thus giving you room to expand D. The picture you are showing is merging, not shrinking.
looking at that pic, how much should I shrink>?

Volume Size: 404,581.28 MB - 151,582 MB - 404,582 MB
Free Space Before: 0.97 MB - 0 bytes - 253,000.19 MB
Free Space After: 0 bytes - 0 bytes - 252,992.37 MB

I don't know what to do.
I would shrink it to around 280,00. That would give you approximately equal partitions.
I finally did it. I just used Hirens Boot CD since it was the only program that would allow me to put D: on C: and save the results.

Generally though, Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 is VERY good!

Also, I've decided I'll partition the drive when I have the next ISO.
Well done. Yor plan to partition all over before starting with the next ISO is an excellent idea. It will save you all the hassle.
One thing. Don't be too generous with the sizes. As you are using Acronis, the larger the partition, the longer the image will take to make, and recreate.
I have found that 30gbs takes care of most software, for Vista or 7. It then takes about 20 minutes to make an image, and about 15 to restore it.
If you are a game player, you can always create, whilst you are in the process, one large partition to accomodate the games, and install them there.
My Win7beta partition will only be 100GB's. I won't be doing any gaming except to test a few things, otherwise, 100MB should be enough for Win 7 + whatever.

As far as I know right now, the latest leak is 7032. So I think I'll start there.