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    I'm pretty new to computers and dont know what to do. While i was trying to download a program to allow my Bluetooth to work with my win7 home premium 64bit it somehow seems to have uninstalled all of the data on my hard drive or something along those lines. so i purchased the recovery disc and followed all of the steps here, "", and i still cant boot windows at all. any help would be great.

    File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

    status: 0xc000000f

    Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

    win7 was pre-installed so i dont have any software.
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    There are many steps on the referenced page..maybe we should just discuss what you have done.

    First, have you tried booting the system using the F8 key to get into the Windows 7 repair environment? You have to tap the key while the system is booting.

    The Recovery disk you purchased, was that from NeoSmart? If it is, I do not see a Startup Repair option that is probably what you need. You can download a full Windows 7 install DVD in the .iso format from some locations. The referenced site has links to the downloads at Digital River. Make sure what version you are getting and if you are running the SP1 update, you should get that.

    Edit: If you decide to boot into the Recovery CD you have, we might be able to use the command prompt option to run some commands to help. Let us know, we could try that before you download and entire install DVD.

    Download Windows 7 Integrated With SP1 ISO – Official Direct Download Links

    So you need to Boot using the F8 key, or boot into a Recovery CD (if you made one), or boot to the Install DVD.

    But you may have gotten a virus during you trip through the net, did you try to install the Bluetooth drivers?

    Many computers come with ways to recover a system in case of emergencies. If you manufacturer supplied you with such a process you might want to check that out. But usually this does restore your system to a never used condition.
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