Windows 7 Help on monitoring shared folders on Windows 7?


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Oct 5, 2012
Ok so here is the situation. Not too long ago i decided i would share my folders over my network since i was copying files over to my moms and sisters computers, movies and tv shows. I also had to share them so they could watch whatever they wanted over the network when im using my computer. Unfortunately when my step dad comes over he brings his computer and asks me to connect to my computer. Out of the kindness of my heart i do so he also can copy movies and tv shows. He has a mac. When i allowed the sharing i made it so a guest (when connecting) could sign in and see everything. Unfortunately i realized a couple days ago in my Documents and in my Users folder there is a .DS store file which is used in macs when someone is copying files. They are hidden unless something is copied. So i have a feeling he's being looking into my files from HIS computer using the sharing (since he can access all the files on my computer). I changed the sharing options so only a registered user (Me) can view files on other computers. In other words when connecting to a server on a mac i would check the " Registered User " and type in my username and password instead of the guest. He cant log in without me now. BUT what i was wondering is there any way to see what files he goes through? As in say i let him in and he goes through other things and i can see it. Kinda like history in an internet browser. See who accessed a folder last through sharing and what they looked at. Thanks.
Hello dimaisawesome,

There are quite a few 3rd party tools that will allow you to see when a file was last accessed and there are also "Registry" settings for the same.
The easiest way to do this in Windows 7 is;
Right click on Taskbar, select Properties, in the "Start Menu" tab, select Customize, check the boxes for "Store Recent Items" and "Store and Display Recently Opened Items", there should also be a drop down for how many items to be displayed.

Hope this helps
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