[HELP]Start up problem

Hi guys, I have windows 7 and as u know i have a problem :(:(:(. The problem started when i woke up from sleep |-) while haveing my computer on because i was downloading something. When i woke up i saw that i could only see my backgound picture and nothing else. I know what u thinking USE TASK MANGER HOMIE! AND NEW TASK:cool: and so on. I try to open task manger and it do not show up:-s. I even tried to go on safe mode but its not possible because my both keyboard stop working when that back screen shows up where u can choose safe mood=P~. Could someone take me out of this trap, i will be very thankfull :((sorry for my bad english:tongue:)

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Thanks for helping but i fixed it myself. When i restarted i got almost 30sec before i could not do a thing. So i went as fast as i could to task manger and ended all the programs that was starting up, when i did that finally i could use the computer and first thing i did was to scan malwarebytes anti-malware guess what i found more then 100 objects infected because my firewall was down because it needed to update crazy thing

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