Help w/Java Needed

This is probably not the forum for this post, but since I have found this site very helpful, I have decided to give it a try. I was wondering what your advice would be with a problem I’m having with the new PC running 7 32-bit vis a vis an online program my wife is required to log in to in order to complete her grade cards called Power Teacher. Everything worked fine with our old PC and it works fine with our laptop(both running XP Home). When she goes to the site, a log in window opens up asking for a username and a password.

Once she logs in, there are some options in the left-hand pane. Gradebook is what she needs to access. When you click the tab you will get a window with a blue tab to launch Gradebook. When the tab is clicked on the XP PCs it works on, a window pops up telling you that the default program to open it up is Java, so you simply click OK. On the new PC, a window pops up asking what program you want to use to open the file (.jnlp). The first program I tried was Notepad (not having any clue what to use). Every time I try a different program the file saves but won’t open. After I did some research, I discovered that Java is required to open a .jnlp file (I don’t think I ever had Java installed). So, I downloaded and ran Java, but now when we try to open Gradebook (even with Java.exe as the default to open it), we click OK, the file (launchgradebook.jnlp) downloads but nothing opens. When I click on the download in the download window, a bunch of jumbled text in a notepad file pops up.

It almost appears that the PC is stuck trying to open .jnlp files with Notepad even though it's the incorrect program since it’s the first program I tried using.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!

We use the PowerSchool gradebook at my school, too. You need to open the jnlp file with javaws.exe (Java Web Start), which is in the same directory as java.exe. Hope this helps!

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