Windows 7 [HELP] Windows 7 Keyboard problem in EVERY SINGLE GAME!


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Just curious, what games have you ran on your box? I had an old Emachine box with a athlon 3500+ single core 1.9ghz with 1 gig of ddr and a nvidia 9500gt card and I could run Crysis in low detail with no lag or anything. As cheap as keyboards are these days maybe you should spring for a new one.

I noticed you wrote that you were using a PS/2 connection, you could try changing to USB but really it should be fast enough..
You could try messing with the settings highlighted in the screenshot as well as giving your machine a general clean using something like this free app: CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

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Finally if all else fails... Buy, beg or borrow another k'board. :)
Thank you all guys you helped so much but this guy (kemical) helped me most i set keyboard setings to long and slow i FIXED THE PROBLEM! I say again guys THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!:D

That's awesome! Glad to hear it. Click the thumbs up button if you'd like to approve of his post then. I did. :)


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Hey! Glad it helped.. Respect for the rep.. :)

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