Windows 7 Help with Disk Drive Problem.


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I have three HDDs,

C: 500GBs
D: 80GBs
E: 250GBs.

I previously had Vista running in the drive with 250Gbs. At that point it was labeled my C drive. So I went through numerous formattings to get my largest HDD to be the C drive. Now that I have the letters in order, I would like to remove the old 250GB HDD and give it to a friend, but When I try to format Windows 7 tells me I cannot.

I have both HDDs with Win 7, the D drive is just for storage.

Now I know that If I try to just remove the Disk, my Win 7 will not Boot, since I guess the BCD is stored in my 250GB HDD. Is there Anyway out of this predicament?