Help with Win7/XP Dual Boot

I originally had XP x64 Pro installed on my PC. I then installed x64 Windows 7 Ultimate on a second HDD. Dual booted great. STart my PC and got asked which one I wanted. But default was always Win7. Which was weird because I thought that the first install was always the primary OS. But anyway, I had to clear my CMOS today, and didnt think about it, but when I started my PC again, it says BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del. I tried a repair from the Win 7 disk and it says its fixed, restart and the same issue. I tried all the normal fixes from the XP cd and still them same BOOTMGR missing error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

New Issue

Ok so I went into my bios and changed my boot order. XP started fine. So I put the Win 7 disk in and repaired it. Now they both start fine. Just like it use to. But I have a new issue. Now it is telling me that My copy of Windows 7 is not genuine. And when I click the link in the message it says it is because it is Windows 7. Well it never did that before. Any ideas?


New Member
I had that when I was on 7100.

Just follow the instructions, and you end up downloading a WGA plugin install - it will be fine then.

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