Windows 7 here we are agian

Brian Berthold

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May 9, 2013
so i was having problems with BSOD before was told drivers so i updated them still didnt help and thought maybe its was my OLD 9500 GT so i asked for a new card GT 630 for Bday - wiped HDD reinstalled everything windows 7 64 bit ultimate i went to gigabyte (MB maker) and DLed all there newest drivers went to nivida DLed newest driver system still is getting BSOD - not less then or equal or something like that i tested ram with windows mem diag 2 passes and with memtext86+ ran it all night 9 passes no errors i have ran HDD checks from UBCD nothing there ether i dont know what the heck to do i have NO money i cant afford to take it in to have it looked at

have run windows update nothing is left except IE10 and bing stuff and dont really want that

here is the info View attachment
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