Hi newbie with new 64 bit Windows 8.1 help me :D

Hi everyone, desperately need some help. I've just bought a new 64bit windows 8.1 computer and can't seen to find 64bit drivers for it....utorrent or bittorrent for starters. The free drivers just won't open and I get a huge message across the screen saying something like can't run on this pc! What is going on...why and what I do? I'm waiting hours trying to figure out and find ones that work and to no avail. It's driving me bonkers . ..Please please help and steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, Leila


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I've just bought a new 64bit windows 8.1 computer
Why would you need drivers for that computer?
If you are talking about drivers for peripheral devices, perhaps you could be more specific as to which drivers you're looking for exactly?

Utorrent is the one specifically that won't open. ..then I tried bittorrent and the same issue. Can't run on this pc

I read one issue is that the drivers are 32bit and that I have to find 64bit drivers? I'm not sure if that's correct....even so I can't find any option if 32bit and 64bit. ..just one that won't work :(


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Your post is not 100% clear, but, If I read it correctly - You are saying that you cannot install Utorrent or bittorrent on your computer?
Neither need drivers. If my assumption is correct, the issue may be that you have a third party anti virus program (?) which is identifying the programs as Malware. If so, disable the Anti virus temporarily and try again.


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I think you are chasing a red herring. If that is a new PC with 8.1, all drivers should be included and functioning. You must be migrating from the old XP where driver installations were common. Not so with 8.1 - they are either included or will be automatically installed. I know only of 1 case where the guy had a rally old exotic device for which 8.1 did not find the driver.

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