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Jan 26, 2009
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I searched the forums and could not locate this, I aopologize if it's been posted already.

Credit goes to the How-To geek. Visit this page for a larger list:

Stupid Geek Tricks: Secret Items on the Windows 7 Send To Menu :: the How-To Geek

When you click the Shift button, choose Send To and you'll find mamny more options listed. You can also add new links to this sent to menu by simply typing in:

shell:sendto.....This is a great feature as the send to menu was denied access in Vista and Windows 7.

The next one I figured out by looking through the windows\system32 directory:
Go to Start > Run and type optionalfeatures and hit Enter. You can now disable or enable various built-in components of Windows 7 Optional features brings up a dialog box titled "Turn Windows feature on or off" with a GUI interface.

You can also easily make shortcuts to you most used Control Panel icon to the desktop by running some prgrams such as FirewallControlPanel.exe, (Firewakk Control Panel) nslooup.exe, (tool for testing and troubleshooting DNS servers),rstrui.exe (system Restore

And, in the system32 directory, there are many .exe programs whith a generic icon that you can run from the command prompt and using the switches can be more powerfullfull than application that use the GUI.

In the command prompt type the name of the .exe followed by /?

There is a space between the .exe and /?
Very nice post reghakr! I knew of a couple of these but certainly not all of them.. thank you! :) Have you had a chance to try Win 7 build 7022 yet? It's only available in 32 bit for now but man oh man, what a difference (for the better) over Build 7000... :) If you get a chance to use it go ahead. it's certainly worth having to do a whole new install for.. ;)
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