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I have a home networking system consisting of 3 computers and using a "Sky" router connected by three "TPLink" Powerline adapters (which use the house wiring system to connect the computers)
The system has worked well for years.

However I recently re-installed Win 7 on one computer and now cannot connect to the internet on that computer?

When I try to connect Windows informs me to "Install a driver for your Network Adapter" and that" Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter you will need to re-install the driver".

Since the TP Link 411 is a simple "Plug and Play" device which routes the internet from the router to the computer I cannot understandthe need for the additional network adapter?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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I suspect that windows is informing you that you don't have an actual working network interface card installed in your computer. Likely meaning that the re-installation of the operating system will require that you install the driver to support your various hardware.


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Thanks for the response Trouble, The computer in question is a MEDION Akoya manufactured in Germany, who also provided the Win 7 software which I used when reinstalling Win 7. I am therefore at a loss to discover that they did not provide all the drivers necessary for complete reinstallation of all necessary hardware which was included in the original system!! I will persevere!!!

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