Windows 7 how can i delete admin account during bootup using cmd command in win 7?


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Aug 18, 2013
i run cmd in Elevated Command Prompt mode.
i used commands such as;
net user administrator * (but can not change password, the system error 5 has occured)
net user administrator /delete (access is denied)

net user administrator set /inactive

net user administrator /inactive:yes

but all these above not worked at all.

so plz, tell me how can i delete admin account if i have forgotten my password without using any disc but the cmd. thx

If I have misunderstood your question, please correct me.

You cannot "delete" the built-in admin account.
You can only "disable" it.

To disable built-in admin acct by using elevated commend prompt, the command line is.....
net user administrator /active:no

Logon to your own admin account and run the above cmd command line.

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Skating on thin ice, I trust this means that one can only disable an admin account if one has an own admin account? I'd hate to see breaking into someone else's computer to be that easy.

No accusation, here.