How can I get rid of ads from BrowseStudio?

I keep on getting ads from BrowseStudio and other ad sites. They appear in the lower right, left and lower center of my browser (any browser Firefox or IE). The BrowseStudio also adds a "Related Searches" bar to the left of my screen. I think I this came in when I installed Adobe Flash Player but I'm not sure. Popups are turned off but how can I get rid of these damn ads?


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It could be a Notification and not a pop ad.When you install Adobe all it installs in McAphee nothing else.where exactly does it appear.There is a difference between notifications and pop ups and do you have ad block plus on FF as well as third party cookies disabled in IE?

Scan your computer with
Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software
Then scan it again with
Downloading AdwCleaner
Then scan it one more time with
Eset online scanner from here Free Virus Scan | ESET Online Scanner | ESET
Hopefully that should do it.
I would actually do the exact same. Malwarebytes is just great for this


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If you can post a screenie.

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