How can i stop other network user from logging on to my laptop?

I'm on a net work that is shared. I have recently noticed event logs of another user logging on to my laptop. The first log on used my credentials and a name similar to mine. The next one was of that person changing the credentials and authority of that log on. After that there quit a few logs each changing and raising the authority of the log on before it. Since then i have reinstalled my OS. But now I am unable to connect to the server at zone alarm to down load and install the program. I believe i know who logged on to my laptop. I have no idea how to stop them from doing this again. Can someone please help?


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Sometimes there are applications like Novell that have a client installed. I would suggest removing the client if you have it.
I would also suggest changing local user accounts password on the machine or delete the accounts.
Have you tried going to to download zone alarm. Are you trying this from your house or at work.
There can be a local setting blocking your access to the website.
You can check Host file located in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc and see if there are any entries related to Zone Alarm etc.
Not sure the network set up or Windows OS, but hope this helps.

I'm doing this from home. I believe a family member is just being nosy but my laptop is becoming very slow and hard to deal with. I have asked him to stop what ever he is doing to it but he wont. He denies having anything to do with it.I'm running windows 7 ultimate.And I'm unsure of the network set up also since he is the one controlling it. I have spoken with the owner of the network but he is unwilling to help. Is there a way i can set up my firewall to keep this person out of my laptop long enough to set up my security so i wont have to worry about him doing this again. I have already reinstalled the OS three different times. His skills are much more advanced then mine. He gets control of it before i can set up the security every time. I have no other options for internet access right now and I'm exhausted by trying to figure it out by my self.


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Well, a few things that you can try is to enter the bios. When you first power on pc, it may be the F2 key or delete key. It may vary.
See if there is an option to disable booting to cd etc and place an admin password on the laptop.
The reason why I ask for you to disable boot from cd and everything else, is that there are programs that will crack your password and reveal it to the hacker/thief. I have used it for fixing users computers, but forget to ask them what password is.
Next I will look for local user accounts on the laptop. C:\Users and select Tools - Options - View and select Show hidden files, folders and drives and UNCHECK Hide protected operating system and press OK.
This will show any hidden files or folders. Here you can remove the local users' files and folders. Leave Default, Public and your own.

Now right click on Computer and select Manage. Under Computer management - System Tools - Local users and groups there is a Users folder. Open that up and you will see which accounts have been created. Delete those you don't need.
Also make sure Guest account is disabled.

Now the other thing that could've happen is that this person has placed some sort of Rootkit or keylogger on your machine. The keylogger will capture your key strokes every time and send to a server or file etc.

Make sure your password is at leat 8 characters long with letters, numbers etc.
I would install avast from and update everything and run a full scan to see if it picks anything up.
I don't know if that firewall will prevent a person from physically taking control of the system by user a local account or something. Is it possible this person is switching out your hard drive or something silly like that.
Try those things and you may have to reinstall Windows again if they don't work.


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You can also go to Start, type in msconfig and press enter
Select the Startup tab and look at which applications have check marks next to them.
What I would do is uncheck those that seem suspicious and start from there.

C:\Users and select Tools with this option i can not even get to this point i get to c:\ users then nothing.

ok there r only admin my self and guest for accounts.And yes it is very possible that this person has been switching out my hard drives. I did not think of that but he owns a docking station for them. But in the event log it was stating he was logging and changing / raising his authority while i was physically on my laptop. with out my knowledge. had my laptop not slowed down so much i might not have ever known.

I'm at a loss. it seems the more i try the worse things get. I decided to install windows again and now every time i log on. I get some sort of bsod not always the same stop code either.first 1 was 0xC9 then there were two more i couldn't get the info for fast enough. then this last one was 0x116. I'm going out of town in about 5 days and will not have the time to fix it while i'm gone. i really would like to take it with me. But if i can't get this fixed theres no point.

And I logged in to the modem yesterday. there are two mac address blocked from using spacific sites. But neither of them are mine. I don't know much about the modem settings or what its capable of. Or what i should be looking for.I don't want to mess anything up. I just want my laptop back up and running. And capable of going online.So thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.


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Hi Tantrum,
if you re-installed Windows did you re-install the drivers too? You could be missing vital drivers if you didn't. Usually laptop drivers are supplied by the manufacturer so try googling for the support page or post the make and model here and I'll find it for you.. :)

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