How can you make ALL TYPES of files show up in Open and Save dialogs?


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How can you make all types of files show up in Open and Save dialogs?

For example: On the Mac, you can be in a Photoshop Open or Save dialog and yet still see all Excel files (and any other file formats) that are in the target folder. (You cannot select and open the Excel files, of course, but at least they show up, which can help you ascertain you're saving to the right place.)

Does Windows 7 have such a capability, or is there some add-on that will make such viewing possible?

From Explorer, of course, all files are viewable, but I'm talking about a way to view all file types in a given folder from within all applications when choosing Open or Save.

Thank You!

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I have some programs that when I select Open they will only show the files that can be opened in that app.

Most applications that I have, have an option to Show All Files even thought they won't open them.

On my computer I can see any kind of file in the Photoshop Open dialog, the same with Poser, and Illustrator, but that's not true of Indesign, it will only show files it can open.

I just went through a lot of programs and only found a couple of programs that wouldn't show all files.

I don't know of any command that would change that.
Are you sure there is no Open all files option in Photoshop, I'm using version CS2 but I think it has always been this way.



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You put the lie to me. I could have sworn there were more situations such as I described, but I could only find one (Manga Studio) which didn't have the "Show All Files" command available.

I use mostly graphics apps, but things do seem to work out as you describe. Thanks!


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Thanks, Mike! Works great!

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