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Windows 7 How change windows 7 explorer settings according my needs ?


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May 12, 2014
Hello !
I'm Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit user.
For long time I'm facing frustration against modifications of default file explorer to show all folders and files as following.:
No categories like Music, Video, General .... I want remove all and keep just one category for every kind of file. It can be new made or just General modified.
In this, I need to show everything as Details.
As shown here:

And with following columns: Name, Type, Size, Length, Frame rate, Frame width, Frame height, Date created, Date modified.
As shown here:

When new device would connect (pen drive, external HDD, smartphone, memory card from camera ...), Windows 7 must force these new file places to show it same as above.
The next thing I would like to achieve, is to force folders to appear on very top of each list of files.
Because when you choose Group by Type, order will be this bad:



So in every folder opened, inner folders appear messed within other files groups. It's bad. Folders should be superordinate in compare with other objects, so in first place in list of all types of files.

I will do anything to make this happend. Please help me.

Happy to hear any kind of advice.

Thank you very much,
  • Open an arbitrary directory and set the "Sort By" to Name Ascending and change "Group By" to none
  • Now go to View > Options > "Change folder and search options"
  • View Tab
  • Click "Apply to Folders" and click yes at the prompt
That should set the default view for everything
I have already tried it in past. It does not work permanently and well. And still, it does not solve other issues pointed out in my post.
Which issues does it not solve? It should stay permanent for the system.