How did i just do a clean install, but still have all my old files?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by mkharris08, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I previously had windows vista, 32-bit, and wanted to clean install windows 7 64-bit. I did... i think, everythign works fine, but i still have all my old files in a folder called "windows old" or something. What i kinda wanted to do was to completely wipe my computer clean, and start from scratch with windows 7. I have all my old files on an external harddrive too, and i dont want them all on my computer to start with windows 7. Is there a way i can still wipe everythign clean and start fresh with windows 7 again? I know its probably an easy thing to do, but id like some step by step instructions please
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    That is standard pprocedure when installing windows operating systems. If you have an older version already installed it will save all personal files in "Windows old" Dont be to quick to remove them all your old contacts and windows favourites or bookmarks and letters and docs are in there.
    If you really dont want thos files you can just Delete "Windows old" and you will have what you want a clean install with nothing else there.

    What you could have done was to reformat your hard drive before you did your clean install.
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    To do a 'clean install' you need to 'boot from disk'.

    This means that you need to enter your bios by either pressing F2 or the 'delete' key on booting up, be quick though or you'll miss it.
    Once in the bios you need to change your 'boot order' to CD/DVD first and HDD second then save and exit. Making sure your disk is in the drive boot up and watch the screen as it will tell you to (normally after the first screen of booting) 'press any key to boot from CD/DVD'. The process will proceed and eventually you'll see the install screen. You'll need to follow the prompts until you come to a choice of either a 'custom install' or 'upgrade', you need the 'custom'. You can then go on and use the advanced options to either create or delete partitions and eventually on to the actual install of the os.
    This link will give you more info on how to change your boot order..

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