Windows 7 How do I find out all the processes and programs that open this file


Sep 18, 2016
Hello Windows Seven Forums

Sometimes when I am trying to rename or move some file or folder, I get this message:

Title: "File/Folder In Use"

And Message: "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program"

What program? What it is? Who it is? What it's name?, i.e. it's window title, if it has or process name? What it's process id? I want to get more information and details about the "another program" that opens this file/folder, so I will know how to terminate it, because it's really important for me to rename and move some folders and files right now. Is there an application that can give me this information I am seeking?

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Aug 28, 2014
time² stands still …
erez … aside from kemical's knowledgeable answer … what you're wanting to do really depends on several factors.

first point (and not everyone subscribes to this strategy):
one should keep enough spare room on their boot-drive so all programs can be installed on the boot-drive. there are other patrons out there who prefer keeping the boot-drive only for operating-system files and, thereby, delegating a secondary reserved partition for only software installs … maintaining a third partition (or separate drive) for personal files.
also, if you run out of room on boot-drive … consider uninstalling some programs you no longer use … or think about expanding the partition.​
second point … really depends on the software you have installed:
for instance … ransomfree is a ransomware sentry. it actually creates what are termed "honey-pots" in certain regions of the environment. these folders contain files which should not be moved or renamed. if you need more information on this … i'd suggest you contact cybereason to inquire.​
third point:
the process of you renaming/moving folders 'n files could manifest unforeseen consequences … choose the wrong folder, and you may very well be staring at a dead monitor or drive some morning.​
fourth point:
microsoft performs it's patch-tuesday requiem … suddenly, you are hit with bsod or a suspended "windows-throbber" with tiny dots circling inexorably. this may not have happened had you not renamed a certain file/folder.​

the following is only a suggestion, erez … perhaps keep the "tidying up" only within your personal-files partition/server.

best wishes to you.
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