Windows 7 How do I make a network bridge?

First you need to identify the Nbridge type.

Will it be an NGirder, NArch, NTruss, NCable Stayed, NRigid Frame, or NSuspension?

I want to make a network bridge but forgot how to. anyone know?

1. Plug in your console (WII, Xbox 360, PS3) and allow it to acquiring ip address.
2. click on the Windows button and type "network and sharing center" and enter
3. on the left right under manage wireless networks, should say change adapter settings click that
4. right click local area connection and disable it.
5. right click local area connection and click properties.
6. there should be a tab that says sharing go to that tab.
7. there is a box that says allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection. uncheck it if it is checked.
8.hit ok then right click local area connection and enable it.
9 now select both your wireless network connection and the local area connection and right click and it should have the option to bridge connections. when you click bridge it will do its thing and should work when its done.

If you need any more help just ask.
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