How do you block Ads on IE unlimitedly?


New Member
I noticed that you have to purchase the Pro version to block it. Is there a free adblocker for IE that doesn't have any limit?

If there were an adblocker for IE the only kind would be some kind of a tool bar. As an Network Administrator I have seen a tool bar that I didn't remove as fast as I could. The best Adblocker is called Adblocker Plus and it is a great tool, but is for Firefox and it is free.

Just a question to you Philip as your answer - could a person export the list from adblocker into a Host file and then have IE run throug it as a Proxy Server? It has been ages ago when ads first starting to appear that you would create a Host file and then have IE check that first to see if it would allow downloading from it. Even though it might be a stretch due to so many firms now doing ads - where is that info?


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